Stories of freedom fighters who played crucial roles in India’s independence but remained out of the limelight

The Unsung Heroes of India’s Independence India’s journey to freedom was a long and arduous one, filled with stories of bravery, sacrifice, and determination. While we all know about the monumental figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose, there are countless others whose names have faded into the pages of history, unnoticed. These unsung … Read more

Ancient Indian Inventions : The Scientific and Technological advancements made in ancient India

India is not just a country; it’s a cradle of civilization that has been rocking the world with its rich culture and history for thousands of years. But did you know? It’s not all about the spicy food and colorful festivals. Ancient India was a powerhouse of scientific and technological advancements that are mind-blowing! Let’s … Read more

Birsa Munda: The Tribal Leader Who Defied the British

Birsa Munda, born on 15th November 1875 in the serene village of Ulihatu, nestled within the lush forests of Ranchi district (now Khunti district, Jharkhand), was a man of conviction. His story is one of resilience, rebellion, and a fierce determination to protect the rights of his people—the tribal communities who had long suffered under … Read more