10 Oldest Temples You should Visit in India to know the Cultural and Religious History

“India” a country with a rich cultural and religious heritage. so, Today I’m gonna tell you about some super old temples in India everyone should visit once in their life. India is like a treasure box full of ancient temples that are really, really old. People in India love their temples a lot because they are special places where they can pray and feel peaceful.

So, what makes a temple old? Well, it’s gotta be built a long, long time ago. Some of these temples are so old that they were made even before your great-great-great-grandparents were born! That’s like more than a hundred years ago! We picked the oldest temples based on how many birthdays they’ve had and how important they are. It’s kind of like picking the oldest and coolest dinosaurs, but for temples! One of the temples is called Mundeshwari Devi Temple, and it’s in a place called Bihar. It’s the oldest one that people still go to. Imagine going to a temple that’s been around for more than 1,500 years! Then there’s this temple cut out of a huge rock called Kailasa Temple. It’s not just old; it’s like a giant sculpture of a temple, which is pretty awesome. And there’s a bunch more, like the Shore Temple that’s right next to the ocean. It must be so spacial to pray with the sound of waves in the background! These temples are not just old buildings; they’re like history books made of stone. They tell us stories about the people who lived a super long time ago.

So, get ready to dive into the past and explore these amazing temples with me. It’s gonna be like a time-travel adventure, but without any time machines!

  1. Mundeshwari Devi Temple
    First, Let’s talk about the Mundeshwari Devi Temple in Bihar. This temple is super old, like it’s been around since the 4th century. That’s like, way before any of us were even thought of!

So, this temple is for a goddess named Mundeshwari. People say she’s really powerful and kind. The spacial thing about this temple is that it’s the oldest one in the world where people still go to pray and stuff. It’s like it never gets tired of being awesome! The temple is made of stones and bricks, and it’s not super big, but it’s got a lot of heart. It’s on a hill, so you can see it from far away, and when you’re up there, you can see all around, which is pretty neat. People go there to ask the goddess for help or just to say “hi” and thank her for looking out for them. There’s this big festival every year where everyone comes to celebrate, and it’s like a huge birthday party for the temple! And guess what? The temple is like a puzzle too. It’s got a secret code that tells a story about the goddess and the people who built it. But it’s a really old story, so some parts are hard to understand. It’s like trying to read your grandpa’s handwriting! So, that’s the Mundeshwari Devi Temple. It’s old, it’s spacial, and it’s got a lot of stories to tell. I bet if it could talk, it would have the best tales for bedtime!

  1. Kailasa Temple
    This temple is super special because it’s not just built, it’s like someone took a giant mountain and carved it into a temple. Can you imagine? It’s in Maharashtra, which is a state in India.

So, this temple is super old, from the 8th century. That’s like, 1200 years ago! It was made for Lord Shiva, who is a really important god in India. He’s got a trident and a spacial snake and dances really well. The Kailasa Temple is part of a place called Ellora Caves, which has lots and lots of other temples too. But Kailasa is the biggest and the coolest. It’s like a giant 3D puzzle made out of a single rock. People back then didn’t have the tools we have now, but they still made this huge temple, which is pretty awesome. The temple has got elephants and lions and lots of other animals carved into the walls. And there are stories about gods and heroes too. It’s like a comic book in stone! People come from all over the world to see it because it’s so amazing. And guess what? It’s not just for looking. People still go there to pray and celebrate festivals. It’s like a party that’s been going on for centuries! So, that’s the story of the Kailasa Temple. It’s a big, beautiful place that’s full of history and stories. If I could go back in time, I’d high-five the people who made it, ’cause they did a super spacial job!

  1. Adi Kumbeswarar Temple
    This temple is super old and it’s in a place called Tamil Nadu, which is down in the south of India.

So, this temple is for Lord Shiva, who is a big deal in Hinduism. He’s like the boss of destruction and creation, which sounds kinda scary, but he’s also really spacial and powerful. The temple is really ancient, and parts of it are more than a thousand years old! That’s like, if you counted to a thousand, it would take forever, and this temple has been around for that many years! It’s got a big tower called a gopuram, and it’s decorated with lots of statues and carvings. They’re so detailed that you can see the tiny designs on the gods’ clothes and the funny expressions on the little monsters. People go there to pray and to see the temple during festivals. There’s this big festival called Mahamaham, and it happens once every 12 years. It’s like a giant reunion for all the gods and people, and they have a huge pool party in the temple’s tank! And here’s a fun fact: the temple is named after the pot, yup, a pot, that’s believed to have created the universe. I guess even gods need to cook up a universe sometimes! So, that’s the Adi Kumbeswarar Temple for you. It’s not just a place with a long name; it’s a place with a long history and lots of stories to tell. If I were a temple, I’d want to be as spacial as this one!

  1. Shore Temple
    This temple is right next to the beach in Tamil Nadu. Imagine building sandcastles and then looking up to see a huge stone temple!

So, this temple is for two gods, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. They’re like best friends in Hindu stories. The Shore Temple was built a super long time ago, in the 8th century. That’s like, if you had 8 hundred-year-old turtles, it’s as old as all of them together! The temple looks like a big tower and it’s made of rocks. It’s got carvings of lions and bulls and stuff. And it’s not just one temple; there are two big ones and a little one in between. It’s like a temple sandwich! The best part is, because it’s on the shore, you can play in the water and then go pray or just chill in the temple. It must be so nice to feel the sea breeze while you’re inside. People say that the Shore Temple used to be part of a bigger city with more temples, but now it’s just the Shore Temple left. It’s like it’s the last piece of a puzzle from a long time ago. And here’s a funny thing: even though it’s called the Shore Temple, it doesn’t have a gift shop with beach toys. I think they should totally sell floaties and stuff! So, that’s the Shore Temple for ya. It’s old, it’s by the ocean, and it’s really pretty. If I were a bird, I’d definitely want to hang out there all the time!

  1. Dwarkadhish Temple
    This temple is super special ’cause it’s super-duper old, like over 2,000 years! It’s in Gujarat, which is a state that’s kinda like on the west side of India.

So, this temple is all about Lord Krishna. He’s a god who’s really famous for being super smart and strong, and he loves playing the flute. People say he lived in a place called Dwarka, and that’s where the temple is! The Dwarkadhish Temple is really big and tall, and it’s got a flag on top that waves around in the sky. It’s like saying “hello” to everyone from far away. The temple is made of limestone and sand, which is pretty spacial ’cause it’s like it’s made from the beach. It’s also one of the char dhams, which are like the four must-visit places for Hindus. It’s like if you’re a big fan of ice cream, you gotta visit the four best ice cream shops in the world! Every year, lots of people go there to pray and celebrate festivals. There’s this big festival called Janmashtami, and it’s like Lord Krishna’s birthday party. Everyone sings and dances, and it’s super fun. And guess what? The temple has a city under the sea! Well, not really, but people say the old city of Dwarka is underwater now, and that’s kinda like having a secret base, which is awesome! So, that’s the Dwarkadhish Temple for you. It’s not just an old building; it’s a place where lots of spacial stories happened. If I could, I’d go there on a boat and look for the underwater city with a snorkel!

  1. Konark Sun Temple
    This temple is all about the Sun God, Surya. It’s in Odisha, which is a state that’s kinda on the east side of India, where the sun likes to wake up first!

So, this temple is really old, like from the 13th century. That’s so old that if you had 13 hundred-year-old turtles, it’s as old as all of them together! The King Narasimhadeva I built it because he wanted to make something super spacial for the Sun God. The Konark Sun Temple is shaped like a giant chariot with huge wheels and horses and everything. It’s like the Sun God has his own fancy ride to cruise across the sky. The wheels are so big; I bet you could roll them down a hill and race them! It’s famous for having lots of carvings that tell stories. There are dancers and musicians and animals all over the walls. It’s like a party frozen in stone! But here’s a sad thing: the temple isn’t all there anymore. Some parts are missing ’cause they got old and broke down. It’s like when you lose pieces of your favorite puzzle, and you can’t finish it. Even though some parts are gone, people still love the temple. They go there to see the art and feel close to the Sun God. And every year, there’s a festival called Chandrabhaga Mela, and it’s like a big birthday party for the Sun God! So, that’s the Konark Sun Temple for you. It’s not just a place where you can get a sun tan; it’s a place with lots of history and spacial stories. If I were a sunbeam, I’d definitely want to shine on this temple all the time!

  1. Badami Cave Temples
    These temples are super spacial because they’re not just built on the ground; they’re carved right into a big cliff in Karnataka. That’s like living in a house made of a mountain!

So, these temples are from the 6th century. That’s like, if you had 6 hundred-year-old turtles, it’s as old as all of them together! And guess what? They’re not just for one god. They’ve got temples for lots of different gods, like a mall with different stores, but for praying! There are four main caves, and each one is special. The first one is for Lord Shiva, and he’s got a big statue where he’s dancing. The second one is for Lord Vishnu, and he’s like chilling on a big snake. The third one is also for Lord Vishnu, but here he’s like a boar, which is kinda funny. And the fourth one is for the Jains, who are like super peaceful and don’t even wanna hurt a fly. The caves are full of carvings and paintings, and they’re really colorful. It’s like someone went wild with a giant box of crayons inside the caves! People come from all over to see these caves ’cause they’re like a history book, but way cooler. And they’re really old, so you gotta be careful not to touch too much or you might break something. It’s like when your mom tells you not to touch the fancy dishes in the cabinet. So, that’s the Badami Cave Temples for you. They’re old, they’re spacial , and they’re like a playground for history buffs. If I were a monkey, I’d definitely want to live there ’cause it’s like a giant jungle gym made of stone!

  1. Meenakshi Amman Temple
    This temple is in Tamil Nadu, and it’s super colorful and big. It’s like a giant cake with lots of layers and decorations, but you can’t eat it, ’cause it’s a temple!

So, this temple is really, really old. People think it was first built a long time ago, like in the 6th century. That’s like, if you had 6 hundred-year-old turtles, it’s as old as all of them together! The temple is for Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar, who are like the queen and king of the temple. The temple has these huge towers called gopurams, and they’re painted with so many colors. They’ve got pictures of gods, animals, and even some monsters on them. It’s like a giant storybook that reaches up to the sky! Inside, there’s a big hall with a thousand pillars, and each pillar has a different carving. It’s like a forest of stone trees, and every tree is telling a different story. People come from all over the world to see the temple and to pray. There’s this big festival called the Chithirai Festival, and it’s like the biggest wedding party ever, ’cause it celebrates the marriage of the gods. And here’s something funny: the temple has a pond with a golden lotus, but you can’t go swimming in it. It’s just for looking and making wishes, kinda like a wishing well, but fancier! So, that’s the Meenakshi Amman Temple for you. It’s not just a place with a long name; it’s a place with a long history and lots of stories to tell. If I were a painter, I’d want to paint pictures of this temple all day long!

  1. Brihadeeswarar Temple
    So, the Brihadeeswarar Temple is like super-duper old. It was built a long, long time ago, like in the 11th century. That’s like a hundred years ago, I think. A king named Rajaraja Chola I made it, and he must have been really important because the temple is HUGE!

The temple is for praying to Lord Shiva, who is a really big deal in Hinduism. He’s one of the main gods, and people go there to say their prayers and ask for blessings. And you know what’s really spacial ? The temple has this big tower called a vimana, and it’s 216 feet tall! That’s like stacking a lot of elephants on top of each other! But wait, there’s more! The temple is not just a place to pray; it’s also like a giant art piece. There are so many carvings and statues everywhere. It’s like the king wanted to show off how awesome his artists were. People say that the Brihadeeswarar Temple is one of the most amazing temples in India, and I believe them! It’s super old, super big, and super pretty. I hope I can visit it one day and see it for myself!

  1. Kedarnath Temple
    So, there’s this super old temple called Kedarnath Temple, and it’s up in the mountains. It’s so high that it’s like touching the sky! People say it was made by these strong brothers called the Pandavas. I think they were like superheroes from a long time ago because they did a lot of spacial stuff.

The temple is for Lord Shiva, and he’s a big-time god in Hinduism. He’s got this spacial trident and a snake around his neck, which is kinda scary but also awesome. People go on long walks, like really long walks, to get to the temple because it’s important for their religion. And guess what? The temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds like something from a video game, and that’s pretty neat. It’s like a special power spot or something. The temple is really old, and I heard it’s been there for more than a thousand years. That’s older than my grandma! It’s got lots of snow around it, and sometimes it’s closed because it’s too cold. But when it’s open, lots of people go there to pray and feel happy. I hope I can go there one day, but I’ll need to wear like a million jackets because it’s super cold. And maybe I’ll see Lord Shiva’s superhero powers!

So, we talked about a bunch of really old temples in India, and they’re all super spacial and important. These temples are like a big deal because they’ve been around for, like, forever. They’re not just old buildings; they’re places where people go to feel close to their gods and get their blessings. It’s kinda like how we have our favorite places to hang out, but for grown-ups and their spiritual stuff. And these temples have been doing this for hundreds or maybe even a gazillion years! But these temples aren’t just for praying; they’re also like history books made out of stone. They tell stories about the people who made them and the gods they loved. It’s like time travel but without a time machine! We gotta make sure these temples stay standing because they’re like treasures. They teach us about the past and help people in the present feel good. Plus, they’re really pretty to look at, and it would be sad if they fell down and turned into dust. I hope you learned something spacial from all this temple talk. Maybe one day, you’ll go see them and tell me all about it. That would be so awesome!

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